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Acute Hyperkalemia Treatment Overview - #PHARMFAX

Hyperkalemia is a life-threatening metabolic complications.


Hyperkalemia is a life-threatening metabolic complication. Theres three phases to treating hyperkalemia. Stabilize the myocardium, transiently shift potassium intracellularly, and then eliminating potassium as the final solution. Calcium salts are given to stabilize the heart, it lowers the threshold potential and lasts around 30 to 60 min. As a band-aid, shifting potassium in done through different ways of acting on the NaKATPase channel, including insulin, beta-2 agonist, and sodium bicarb (not really). We can eliminate potassium by hemodialysis, diuresis, or potassium binders. For more PHARMFAX in the drug bank, comment below, are you using 10 units or reduced iv insulin for hyperkalemia?

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