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PK/PD: IV Opioids - #MEDSHED

Updated: Apr 6

Welcome to the #MEDSHED! Needing a brief, concise review of clinical pharmacotherapy and disease management? Direct links of reference to content discussed? Look no further than the #MEDSHED series based on infographics and carousel presentations!


💊 IV Opioids: PK/PD - #MEDSHED

Opioids are effective in managing acute pain, yet they carry potential side effects. Among these, respiratory failure and altered mental status (AMS) are the primary adverse drug reactions (ADRs) of concern. In emergency department (ED) settings, commonly utilized intravenous (IV) opioids include morphine, hydromorphone, and fentanyl.

📭 These opioids undergo hepatic metabolism. Notably, morphine and hydromorphone are metabolized into potentially toxic compounds, while fentanyl is metabolized into a non-toxic compound. This variance in metabolic pathways underscores the differences in their safety profiles.

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