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Seasonal Influenza - #MEDSHED

Updated: Jan 15

Welcome to the #MEDSHED! Needing a brief, concise review of clinical pharmacotherapy and disease management? Direct links of reference to content discussed? Look no further than the #MEDSHED series based on infographics and carousel presentations!


🤢 Influenza Virus: Antivirals - #MEDSHED

👋 Acute respiratory infection

Negative-strand RNA of Orthomyxoviridae family

Three types of influenza

Influenza A - Humans, swines, equines, birds, Higher susceptibility to antigen variant; pandemics

Influenza B

Influenza C

🤧 Signs and Symptoms






💉 Prevention

CDC and AAFP recommend annual influenza vaccine (> 6 months). Emphasis on high-risk, immunocompromised, and healthcare professionals.

💊 Treatment (outpatient)

Primarily supportive care

Antivirals may be considered depending on severity and onset of symptoms

Antiviral agents only reduce severity of symptoms when taken < 48 hours of onset

🤖 Treatment (inpatient)

Hospitalized and those at high-risk of influenza-associated complications

CDC and IDSA recommend antiviral therapy regardless of symptom duration

Antivirals only reduce severity of symptoms

💊 Tamiflu (oseltamivir) - enteral

Neuraminidase inhibitor, decreases release of viral particles

Treatment: 75 mg po BID x 5 days, may consider longer in high risk

Px: 75 mg po daily (areas of outbreak)

Renally metabolized

Rapivab (peramivir) - IV

Neuraminidase inhibitor, decreases release of viral particles

Treatment (hospitalized): 600 mg IV daily x 5 - 10 days

Reserved for patients unable to tolerate enteral oseltamivir

Renally metabolized

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