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2023 PHARMWYZE End of Year Recap



💥 End of 23' Recap

+120 #PHARMFAX reels

+210 #RXSHORTS reels

+60 infographics (#MEDSHED & #MEDIGRAM)

+6 #CodeBlueDebrief episodes

🤖Top 6 #PHARMFAX Reels

👀 Top 6 #MEDSHED Posts

Class Review: Cephalosporins - Vasopressors Basics:

Outpatient VTE Treatment:

Status Epilepticus: CodeBlueDebrief: A Clinical Pharmacotherapy Youtube & Podcast -

🎥 For more #PHARMFAX in the drug bank, share the #MEDSHED with a friend, check out another post on my page, and I hope you learned something new.


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