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[Explanation] Patient Case CC: Radiating Chest Pain & P2Y12 Inhibitor Selection - #MEDIGRAM

Welcome to the #MEDIGRAM Patient Case: Chief Compliant Series. Short, concise patient cases to foster thought-provoking questions and to challenge you to ask questions! Make sure to by at the end of the week for explanations for the correct/incorrect answers.



😱 Patient Case CC: Radiating Chest Pain [Explanation] - #MEDIGRAM

💔 Which P2Y12 inhibitor should be avoided?

Clopidogrel: slow onset of action (~ 2 hours) compared to the less than 30 mins of ticagrelor and prasugrel. It is also extensively metabolized by CYP2C19.

Ticagrelor: BID frequency compared to the daily of the clopidogrel and prasugrel.

Prasugrel: Biggest concern is the contraindication in patients with a hx of stroke or TIA due to the increased risk of bleeding. Caution should also be used in elderly patients.

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