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Naloxone for Opioid Reversal - #PHARMFAX

Naloxone is one of the few true antidotes we have in medicine.


Naloxone is one of the few true antidotes we have in medicine. It’s an opioid antagonist and knocks off opioids from the receptor. The onset is rapid for IV, around 2 minutes IM, and roughly 5 minutes intranasal. The half life is around 1 hour with a duration of 30 to 120 minutes. Most prescribed opioids have a longer half-life than naloxone, and many patients will need repeat doses. Opioids cause respiratory depression, euphoria, and constipation. Completely reversing opioids in a chronic user can be dangerous. Full dose reversal for impending or current respiratory arrest, but use your judgement, consider reduced doses and diluting in sodium chloride for aliquot administration. Give naloxone based on respiratory, not mental status. You'll get the job done without the patient getting combative and defecating everywhere; keep the team safe. For more PHARMFAX in the drug bank, choose the next topic on my website's poll, links in the bio.


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