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Syphilis: The Silent Infection - #MEDSHED

Updated: Jan 28

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🤷 Syphilis: The Silent Infection - #MEDshed

Syphilis has made a resurgence into the community when previously penicillin made the sexually transmitted infection an afterthought.

The causative pathogen for syphilis is Treponema pallidum, a spirochete bacterium. False-positives with non-treponemal tests requires a treponemal test for confirmatory diagnosis. Trepeonemal test are antibody specific.

Stages of syphilis

Primary: painless chancre

Secondary: lymphadenopathy, diffuse rash

Tertiary: organ involvement, neurosyphilis, ocular syphilis

Penicillin remains the mainstay of therapy for all stages of syphilis. Primary and secondary sypihlis are treated with pencillin g benzathine 2.4 million units x 1. Tertiary and late latent syphilis is treated with 2.4 million units once weekly x 3 doses. Neurosyphilis should be admitted and treated with 24 million units IV/day either as intermittent or continuous infusion.

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