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What factors to consider when ranking between 2 programs as your #1? - #THELAB

Picking between two programs is a tough decision. When it came down to two programs, my personal interactions with specific preceptors swayed my decision - here's why


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I'm stuck between 2 programs as my number 1.
Program A: AMC, large prestigious hospital. I know that I would see many complex cases here, and they also have a wide variety of PGY2s to choose from that I could possibly early commit to. However, they have staffing of 4pm-11pm one weekday every 2 weeks and a 11am-11pm weekend shift every 10 weeks (on top of every 3rd weekend). I know this isn't terrible, but I feel like the late weekday shift every 2 weeks may throw me off.
Program B: Also a large AMC, not as prestigious. Doesn't have a variety of PGY2s, only in CC, ID, and EM but those are interests I'm likely not going to to purse. Weekday evening shift as well but doable with 5pm-9pm. Every 3rd weekend staffing.
For those who applied during PGY1s, how important do you think it is to be able to have a program to early commit and not go through the process again? I'm interested in doing a PGY2 in onco, but I feel like I wont really know for sure until PGY1 starts. Also how important is prestige/connections during PGY1 so that if you did want to purse a PGY2 outside of your institution making sure that your hospital had connections or help you network?


Having a program to early commit provides a more straight-forward path towards obtaining a PGY2 in Oncology. The other perspective to look at is the exposure to different practices elsewhere, which I find to be valuable experience. I'd recommend making a more definitive decision on PGY2 before starting PGY1 since the earlier you show your interest, the better prepared you are.

Prestige/connections really didn't have an impact on my decision. The biggest deciding factor for me amongst my programs (especially between the top two) was my personal experience with different preceptors during the interview. At the end of the day, you should want the program with the preceptors you can learn best from and help you achieve your career goals post -residency. Good luck!

Mark, @PharmWyze

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