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Cardiac Arrest: Non-Shockable - #MEDSHED

Updated: Sep 15, 2023



🤖 Cardiac Arrest: Non-shockable 📋

🤕 The ACLS algorithm recommends high-quality CPR throughout and epinephrine every 3 to 5 minutes for PEA and asysole.

✨ Shockable rhythms are more likely to be survive as ACS is often the cause. Survival is less associated with nonshockable rhythms.

🔍 Going through the H's and T's allows you the maximize the likelihood of a successful resuscitation. H's include Hypovolemia (fluids, blood), Hypoxia (oxygenate, ventilate), Hydrogen ions (underlying acidosis), Hypo-Hyperkalemia (replace, hyperK cocktail), and Hypothermia (prolonged resuscitation). T's consists of Toxins (antidotes, elimination), Thrombosis Cardiac/Pulmonary (systemic thrombolytics), Tension pneumonthorax (needle decompression), and Cardiac tamponade (pericardiocentesis).

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