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Common Gram Negative Rods - #PHARMFAX

Know your bugs so you pick the right drugs.


Know your bugs so you pick the right drugs. Gram negative bacilli are smart organisms that find ways to survive; they continue to develop multidrug resistant mechanisms. Your common gram negative rods include Escherichia, Klebsiela, Proteus, and Pseudomonas species. The first three species are considered enteric organisms since they reside by the intestine. Generally, gram negative are more likely than gram positive organisms to cause UTI and IAI. Remember, gram positives are skin bugs and stick to foreign material. Pseudomonas species are considered more virulent than the enteric organisms, and require broader antibiotics in the setting of resistance mechanisms. They like to hangout in aquatic and hospital settings. PsA can cause a variety of different infections, its really dependent on patient's exposure. One big risk? Hospital readmissions. I say common gram negative rods, but they are far from harmless bugs. Antimicrobial stewardship should be prioritized if you want antibiotics that work for us when we're old. For more PHARMFAX in the drug bank, visit my website. I've got weekly topic discussions, patient cases, and articles posted weekly in addition to these daily videos. Link is in my bio.


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