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Haloperidol vs Droperidol - #PHARMFAX

Knowing pharmacokinetics gives you more patient-centered options.


Knowing pharmacokinetics gives you more patient-centered options. Haloperidol and droperidol are potent antidopamanergics, but droperidol also contains adrenergic blocker properties. They are commonly used in the ED for acute agitation and NV. Both have their uses for certain cases. Haloperidol’s onset is up to 20 minutes when given IM, and rapid when given IV. The duration can be up to 12 hours. Droperidol’s onset is rapid when given IM or IV, and can last up to 4 hours. If I need prolonged sedation and theres IV access, I’d preference haloperidol. If I needed to control acute agitation and didn’t have IV access, I am reaching for droperidol first. Droperidol had a black box warning in the past due to QTc prolongation, but recent studies indicate the risk is no greater than other commonly used antidopamanergics. When compared to droperidol, it does provide more rapid control of acute agitation, but comes with the risk of supplemental oxygen and hypotension. For more PHARMFAX in the drug bank, check out the other videos on my page.

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