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Patient Case CC: Confused, Erratic Behavior (Alcoholic Ketoacidosis) - #MEDIGRAM

Updated: May 8

Welcome to the #MEDIGRAM Patient Case: Chief Compliant Series. Short, concise patient cases to foster thought-provoking questions and to challenge you to ask questions! Make sure to by at the end of the week for explanations for the correct/incorrect answers.


Alcoholic Ketoacidosis patient case by PHARMWYZE

What is the mainstay of therapy for Alcoholic Ketoacidosis?

  • Dextrose

  • Benzodiazepines

  • Sodium bicarbonate

  • Thiamine


🤖 Patient Case CC: Confusion, Erratic Behavior (EtOH Disorder) - #MEDIGRAM

👹 33yoF presents with confusion, acting erratic with EMS. Hx of EtOH Disorder, EtOH Withdrawal Seizures. Anion Gap: 22, Urine: (+) ketones, BOH: (+), Lactate: WNL. Dx: Alcoholic Ketoacidosis. What is the mainstay of therapy for Alcoholic Ketoacidosis (AKA)?

Let me know your answers and questions in the comments!

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