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Elevated Intracranial Pressure Management - #MEDSHED

Updated: Apr 27

Welcome to the #MEDSHED! Needing a brief, concise review of clinical pharmacotherapy and disease management? Direct links of reference to content discussed? Look no further than the #MEDSHED series based on infographics and carousel presentations!

Treatments for elevated intracranial pressure


🎆 Elevated Intracranial Pressure Management - #MEDSHED

🤖 Importance of Maintaining Intracranial Pressures

Severe traumatic brain injuries are associated with a significant incidence of mortality and morbidity.

🍹 Cerebral blood flow is maintained via autoregulation regulate neurologic hemostasis.

Loss of autoregulation secondary to CNS injury; primary injury (cannot be reversed).

👊 Goal of acutely managing elevated intracranial pressures is mitigate secondary brain injury (worsening ischemia)

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