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Thrombolytic Stroke BP Targets? Nitroglycerin with Inferior MI? TNK for PE? | Q&A | #DrugQueryInbox

🔍 Dive into the world of pharmacotherapy with #DrugQueryInbox! 💊 From post recaps to viewer Q&A, we've got your prescription for understanding medications covered. Tune in for expert insights and answers to your burning questions! 📚



🌟 Drug Query Inbox Episode 4

- Patient Case Post Recap

- Role of clindamycin for necrotizing fasciitis?

- Changing anticonvulsant therapy?

- Benefit of tenecteplase over alteplase for massive PE?

Welcome to PHARMWYZE! Clinical pharmacotherapy content made for learners of all medicine backgrounds. Thanks for joining my video series, #DRUGQUERYINBOX. I often get questions in the comments on my social media platforms, which I'll compile into weekly to biweekly videos.

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