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Septic & Anaphylactic Shock? EtOH Withdrawal & Phenobarbital? | Q&A | #DrugQueryInbox v3

Updated: Mar 15

Welcome to 'The Drug Query Inbox,' where your medication questions find expert answers! Join us for insightful Q&A sessions with an experienced emergency medicine pharmacist. Get clarity on drug interactions, dosages, and more, straight from the frontline of healthcare. Whether you're a healthcare professional or a curious enthusiast, tune in to expand your pharmacological knowledge and empower your decision-making. Subscribe now for practical solutions to your drug-related inquiries.



🌟 Drug Query Inbox Episode 3 For this episode, we did something different than prior videos. There was a request from viewers on Instagram for a week of MEDIGRAM patient cases, so I've made a review of those post. Also, I included viewer questions that came from the comments!

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